About DWS

Diamond Web Services (DWS) is a boutique development shop located in Venice Beach, CA that handles back end, front end, mobile, and connected device development as well as UX and visual design services.

The founders of DWS have decades of expertise in building large scale software and web development projects for Fortune 500 companies. Clientele comprise the banking industry, big pharma, large media outlets and technology startups.

DWS has strong ties to the open source community, including involvement in major conferences, running tech meetups and contributing code to open source projects.

In addition to our standard offerings, DWS has a premium-level offering of subject matter experts. Due to our activities in community events, we have a large network of guru-level experts in certain subject areas. For that special project that needs an extra-touch of expertise, we offer guidance from core developers and in some cases, literally the person that “wrote the book”.

Having built many sites that scale to millions of users, DWS is able to offer quality direction in architecting an end-to-end solution to clients who need to scale. We pride ourselves on using the right degree of practicality and code quality.

Our philosophy is to go with the right approach, using the right tools for the job at hand.